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Ladyboys of Thailand
When someone says that they are going on a vacation to Thailand the immediate remark that we hear is that, "Beware of ladyboys!". The reason why people say this is because ladyboys are more visible in Thailand than in any other countries. However, we need not be afraid of them. They are like any other Thai person leading a normal life. Interestingly, the Thai people too do not discriminate them too much. They are generally accepted in the Thai society. They take up regular jobs in shops, restaurants, flower shops etc.

The term ladyboys is used little loosely in Thailand. They can use the term to refer any person who acts in a feminine way. One of the reasons why we find a lot of ladyboys in Thailand is because of the acceptance and the opportunities they have their. Ladyboys from other Asian countries move to Thailand because they feel comfortable their and they feel accepted their. They do not have to necessarily work as a sex worker to earn their living. They can take up regular jobs like anyone else. You can find many ladyboy pop singers and TV stars. Thailand also holds beauty contests for ladyboys. All these make them feel recognized in Thailand so more and more ladyboys come and settle in Thailand. Many experts on sociology feel that the reason for the acceptance of ladyboys in Thailand is the Buddhist background which has instilled a greater level of tolerance in everyone and in the society in general.

Ladyboys have to undergo elaborate surgeries to become the transgender person that they want to be. The procedure can take years before they are fully transformed. When compared to the cost of the transgender surgery in other parts of the world the procedure costs very little in Thailand. The entire procedure would cost as low as US $2000.

A good percentage of the ladyboys in Thailand are sex workers. Most often, they are forced into this as their last resort. However, this helps them make the money that they want. Some of them work in illegal blue film industry and make good money. We also hear of stories whereby men have been fooled or cheated by ladyboys who pretended to be female sex workers. Often they target men who are drunk as they become their easy prey.

The life of a ladyboy can be very complicated. They will have to first of all settle with themselves and even if they accept themselves, the society constantly keeps reminding them that they are different and abnormal. So they start resenting about their own personality and the society that treats them badly. In most of the countries they turnout to be outcasts in the society. However, in Thailand as they are more widely accepted ladyboys are able to lead a normal life. There are also a number of dating sites for ladyboy dating. These dating sites like any other dating sites have the profiles of its members and in this case, profiles of ladyboys.

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